AIMS Workshop: Math for Learning Differences

Strategies to Make Sense of Mathematics for Students Who Learn Differently

In this research-based workshop, we’ll discuss learning characteristics of students who are challenged in math. Practical strategies and activities will be included that enable students to remember and apply mathematical principles to the application of math concepts. Participants will gain an understanding of how language complexities confuse learners and therefore how to teach students the language of math problem-solving. Applicable Grades: K-8


Presenter: Dr. Honi Bamberger, Towson University
Honi Bamberger, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Mathematics Department at Towson University, the Executive Director of MathWorks, and has been a consultant to The Summit School for 16 years. She has taught both elementary and middle school students, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Bamberger served as an Associate Research Scientist for Johns Hopkins University, a Co-Principal Investigator on an NSF grant given to the University of Maryland, and was the lead Professional Developer for the Disney and NSF funded Mobile Mathematics Initiative.


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