The Summit Resource Center Offering Benchmark Testing – Fall Benchmark Testing Window Ends November 30, 2019

The Summit School, through its Summit Resource Center, is pleased to announce Benchmark Testing. Benchmark Testing evaluates students grades 1-12, in math and reading, against specific grade-level standards and learning goals.  It is used to identify a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. If a parent is concerned about their child’s academic performance, Benchmark Testing will provide actionable data.

No two students perform the same way in school. And when a teacher has a class full of 20 to 30 students, they do their best to make sure all students understand the information being taught. Some students, of course, learn easier and faster than others.

With interim report cards out, parents will receive a snapshot of their child’s performance during the first few months of school. Many parents, including those who suspect their child is struggling academically, want to know more. For example, they want to understand how their child is doing on specific grade-level standards; they want to know their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses; and, they want to know how their child progresses throughout the academic year. Many parents worry that waiting for the next report card or standardized test results is too little information, too late.

The results of Benchmark Testing conducted through the Summit Resource Center will highlight a child’s performance against specific grade-level standards, progression toward goals, the effectiveness of current educational programs and curricula and, where performance is lagging, the need for intervention or additional support.

Using Aimsweb™ Plus and Phono-Graphix, test results will include:

  • Individual test scores
  • National percentile
  • Grade-level performance
  • Rate of improvement
  • Academic risk status.

This is actionable information that can drive the decision making around a child’s academic success and create an active feedback loop with a child’s teachers. For more information about Benchmark Testing click here or contact Nancy Rhodes at .

FALL BENCHMARK TESTING WINDOW ENDS: NOVEMBER 30, 2019. If Benchmark Testing occurs before November 30, 2019, student is eligible for $50 discount on 2020 Camp Summit registration.