How to Find a Tutor

Fri. 02/24/2017

If your child is struggling in school, you might be searching for a tutor.  Like schools, tutors are not “one size fits all” so selecting the right tutor can make all the difference for your child.  Finding the right tutor doesn’t have to be lengthy process.  An established program will be able to match a tutor to your child’s education needs.

A thorough tutoring program will want to determine which academic skill(s) are crucial for your child to focus on during tutoring sessions.  If a student struggles with reading decoding, then a program for reading comprehension will not get the desired results.   The same applies for math.   Does the student struggle with calculation or word problems?

Summit Resource Center (SRC) at The Summit School offers individual tutoring for students in grades 1-12, who need remediation in the following academic areas: reading, spelling, written expression, mathematics, study skills, homework, and time management and organizational skills.

SRC tutors are trained in research-based teaching methodologies.  Tutoring consists of individual sessions which focus upon the remediation of skills and/or the development of study and organizational skills. The frequency and length of tutoring sessions are recommended by the coordinator of the tutoring program. Instruction is diagnostic and individualized. Students strengthen their skills and feel they can be successful in school because of this support.

Sessions are offered at your convenience – in your home, at your child’s school, at a local library – whatever is most convenient for you. Leveraging today’s technologies, SRC tutors can connect with your child via online meetings and chats in a pinch.

In addition to tutoring, The Summit Resource Center offers other education-related services to families not enrolled at The Summit School.   Professional services include diagnostic testing services, individual tutoring, summer programs, consultations and free workshops and seminars.

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