The Summit School’s Fall Symposium: Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day a SUCCESS – Parents, Teachers, Professionals Leave with Strategies that Can Be Used Immediately

Thu. 10/24/2019

(October 2019, Edgewater, MD) – On Saturday, October 19, 2019, The Summit School hosted its 2019 Fall Symposium – Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH Model.  

Nancy Clements, MA, CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist and Executive Director of Social Thinking Boston® introduced an array of concepts and strategies that bolster social learning and help students meet socially based educational standards. Attendees learned how challenges in social communication, executive functioning, and perspective taking, impact both reading comprehension and written expression.

The more than 150 attendees, who included representation from 18 private schools and 3 separate Maryland county school systems, overwhelmingly expressed satisfaction with the day. Attendees reported that what was learned will help achieve desired learning outcome, many can’t wait to hear Nancy Clements speak again. The feedback from the Symposium was robust and included:

  • Social Thinking is a specialized, intense program created to truly meet the needs of current generation of children. Need another Social Thinking day!
  • I learned how to teach expected responses rather than just saying, “That’s not expected.”
  • One parent said, “I learned how to breakdown my child’s expectations and learn why she is behaving in an oppositional way.”
  • I learned how to think through my students’ emotions and reactions to actually help them respond in a more prosocial way than merely labeling the behavior, which doesn’t have any helpful strategies attached to the label.
  • I learned the reasons behind blurting out in class and how to help children learn to wait their turn in classroom discussions.
  • I learned the concept of thinking from the roots vs. starting from the branches.

For those who would like more information, Social Thinking® offers free resources including a series of informative webinars focused on how to teach core concepts. To access these webinars visit: https://www.socialthinking.com/eLearning/categories/FreeWebinars.

Dr. Joan Mele-McCarthy, Executive Director of The Summit School, said, “Helping ensure students achieve their full potential is critical to Summit’s mission. It’s an honor for us to support the educational community and offer high quality speakers and strategies that can be used to help students achieve.  I’d like to thank the many participating Partner Schools that help make the Summit Symposium Series possible along with Bridgewater Psychology and Annapolis Family Therapy Center who we welcomed as first-time Presenting Sponsors.”

2020 Spring Symposium – The Power of Mindset: Nurturing Motivation, Hope and Resilience in Children

Dr. McCarthy and The Summit School are already looking ahead to the 2020 Spring Symposium – The Power of Mindset: Nurturing Motivation, Hope and Resilience in Children. Resilience, the ability to cope with and overcome life’s difficulties, is a quality that can be nurtured in children and teens. Join us for this one-day seminar as Dr. Robert Brooks presents realistic strategies for developing resilience.  Teachers, parents, and other caregivers will learn how to reinforce a resilient mindset (and behaviors) in youth, especially those who are burdened with self-defeating ways of coping. Click here for a program flyer. For more information about the 2020 Spring Symposium or the register, please visit: www.thesummitschool.org.

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About The Summit School – The Summit School was founded to serve children, grades 1-8, with dyslexia and other learning differences. The Summit School has an incredible record of helping children become successful learners. The core of Summit’s program incorporates: highly trained teachers, evidence-based instruction, hands-on, multi-sensory learning environments and small class sizes. For more information about The Summit School and Summit Resource Center please visit www.thesummitschool.org.

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