The Summit School campus is open. We are welcoming students back to campus on Wednesday, August 26 and the Summit Resource Center is seeing clients. When you join us on campus please follow all directives designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 including active social distancing, use of face masks, and regular hand washing and sanitizing.



Summit Makes Sense for Students who:

  • demonstrate weaknesses in language processing, working memory, comprehension or organization
  • are bright and want to learn, but are falling behind
  • are encountering difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math, organization or self-management
  • thrive when teachers listen and adapt to individual needs
  • are most successful when learning is active and expectations reflect their learning profile



specialized faculty

Our faculty is trained in a variety of specialized methods to address difficulties in reading, math and written language: The PhonoGraphix®, Lindamood-Bell®, Orton-Gillingham®, Wilson®, EmPOWER® and a standards-based problem-solving approach to math.


different approach

Research-based methodologies are used to teach all subjects. Students learn organizational strategies and self-advocacy skill to develop ownership of their own learning. We pride ourselves on strong home-school communication and attention to every detail of learning.


technology integration

Technology instruction is integrated across the curriculum with specific skill competencies assigned to each grade level. Personal and school laptops are used in many classes for group and individual projects. A 1:1 iPad program is in place for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

admissions process

New students are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Making the decision to apply to The Summit School is an important step in helping your child achieve academic success. Here are a few steps to follow once you’re ready to begin your journey with The Summit School.

  1. SECURE AN APPLICATION PACKET by submitting an online inquiry using the form that appears on the right. An application can also be secured by calling the school office at 410-798-0005. NEW – APPLICATION AVAILABLE ONLINE. You can now complete and submit an application form online. To access the online application, CLICK HERE.
  2. VISIT THE SCHOOL by attending one of the scheduled Drop-In Tours or call for a personal tour. During your visit you will learn about our program, tour our campus and get answers to your specific questions.
  3. COMPLETE THE APPLICATION and return it with a recent photo of the applicant and a non-refundable application fee of $100. Along with the application, please submit the required documents. If the required testing is pending, please indicate when testing is scheduled. Referrals for testing are available upon request. The Director of Admissions will carefully review all of your child’s documentation. If our program is not an appropriate match for your child, every effort will be made to give you guidance about alternatives to Summit. NEW – APPLICATION AVAILABLE ONLINE. You can now complete and submit an application form on line. To access the online application, CLICK HERE.
  4. BRING YOUR CHILD FOR A SCHEDULED VISIT. The Director of Admissions will call to schedule your child for a one-day visit. The visiting day provides further diagnostic information to help determine Summit’s ability to meet all the educational needs of your child.
  5. ADMISSIONS DECISIONS ARE DETERMINED. The Director of Admissions will contact you to discuss the findings of your child’s visit and inform you of our decision regarding enrollment.
  6. REQUEST A FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE INFORMATION PACKET. Once your child has been determined to be an appropriate candidate for admissions and you are interested in tuition assistance, please contact Summit’s Business Manager for instructions and information about important deadlines.
  7. UPON RECEIPT OF THE CONTRACT, all responsible parties should review, sign  and return the contract with the required deposit.
The Summit School is now making the ADMISSIONS application available online. If you elect to submit an online APPLICATION please know there is a $100 non-refundable application fee. If you have trouble with the online application please contact the school office at 410-798-0005.
Nondiscrimination Policy

The Summit School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational, admissions, or hiring practices.

Diversity Statement

At The Summit School we are committed to accepting one another. Acceptance includes sensitivity to differences in learning, and to the many ways in which children and families are unique. The Summit School is founded upon the core values of dignity, respect and trust. We accept and respect differences in economic resources, culture and race, ethnicity, faith and belief, gender and age, and sexual orientation.




  • OTHER:


The referral process is initiated on behalf of the student’s parent/guardian by the IEP teams of public school districts. Information sent by the referring school district office is reviewed to determine if basic admissions criteria are met. The information sent typically includes psychological and educational assessments, the student’s IEP, school transcripts and parent contact information.


Eric H.


“Without question I attribute my academic and professional success so far on two things—My loving parents and The Summit School.  A strong foundation is the key to building your future.”

tuition and financial aid

  1. TUITION: Tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $31,621.
    We offer 3 payment plan options:

    • Payment in Full
    • Semi-Annual Payments
    • Monthly

    All tuition contracts require an initial deposit which is applied toward the current year tuition balance. The semi-annual and monthly payment options require enrollment in FACTS Tuition Management System.

  2. FINANCIAL AID: The Summit School is committed to helping families who may not be able to afford the full tuition. Financial aid is awarded to families on the basis of demonstrated need, the number of families applying for aid, and the total amount of scholarship money available.  Once financial assistance is awarded, The Summit School strives to continue financial support in subsequent years provided financial need has been demonstrated and financial obligations to the school for the preceding year have been met. Summit actively seeks private donations and support from foundations in order to offer financial assistance to our families.
    A request for financial aid information does not influence the decision to accept or decline a student for admission to The Summit School.  We offer NEED-based financial aid. Award decisions are made without regard to race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin or religion. All financial aid information is held strictly confidential.
    Applying for Financial Aid:

    • Complete and submit the FACTS Tuition Aid Online application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Summit’s Business Office at 410-798-0005 x138.
    • Notification of awards is given to new and returning families by May/June.
    • Mid-year applicants may apply for financial aid and will be notified prior to enrollment.
  3. INCOME TAX INFORMATION: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may allow deductions for some of the services provided to children diagnosed as learning disabled.  Check with your tax attorney or accountant about these deductions.



Drop-In Tours are regularly scheduled throughout the year to provide opportunities to tour Summit’s campus and learn about our unique program.

Individual Tours can be arranged by contacting our admissions office.