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The Summit School Community Talk: Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus — Presentation Recording and Resources

Fri. 01/15/2021

On Tuesday, December 15, school psychologists Genevieve White and Leslie Eget presented Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus: Managing Worry – Your Kids’ and Your Own.  This was the first presentation …

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The Summit School Community Talk Series – Raising Awareness and Connecting Families to Resources

Mon. 12/21/2020

The Summit School is a leader and innovator in educating students with dyslexia and other learning differences. We are committed to not only a rigorous program designed to prepare students …

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Nurturing Resilience in Children

Mon. 03/02/2020

Social media. Bullying. Peer pressure. Academic stress. Self-confidence. Today’s children face pressure from every direction. Key to growing up successfully is learning to manage these pressures. Resilience, the personal attributes …

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2020 Spring Symposium – The Power of Mindset: Nurturing Motivation, Hope and Resilience in Children

Fri. 01/24/2020

It may still be winter but The Summit School is already gearing up for its 2020 Spring Symposium – The Power of Mindset: Nurturing Motivation, Hope and Resilience in Children. Resilience, …

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Video: Early Signs of Learning Differences Seminar

Fri. 10/28/2016

Signs of learning or developmental problems can surface at a young age.  There are a variety of observable indicators of possible learning differences.  Early recognition and access to timely, evidence-based …

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Zelma Wynn Symposium – October 18

Thu. 07/24/2014

Dyscalculia: understanding and educating students with math learning differences. October 18 For more information and to register, click here.

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