Benchmark Testing Now Available – Learn if Your Child is Performing on Grade Level

How is the New Normal Impacting Your Child’s Academic Performance? Consider Benchmark Testing To Determine if Your Child Is Performing at Grade Level

If you are concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your child’s academic performance and/or you would like to know if your child is performing on grade level and progressing throughout the academic year, Benchmark Testing will provide actionable data.

Using Aimsweb™ Plus, testing results indicate current performance, Lexile scores, and estimate reading and math grade level equivalencies. Results include:

  • Your child’s score
  • National Percentile
  • Grade level performance
  • Rate of improvement
  • Academic risk status.

Benchmarking is designed to inform instruction to improve achievement, results highlight:

  • Progression toward academic goals
  • Effectiveness of current educational programs and curricula
  • Need for intervention or additional support, where performance is lagging.

Benchmarks are established three times per year. The screening periods for each season and recommended testing windows include:

  • Fall: August 1 – November 30
  • Winter: December 1 – March 15
  • Spring: March 16 – July 31

AimswebPlus was designed by educational experts and underwent a stringent development and standardization process prior to launch. The system uses proven, standards-based assessments to screen and monitor student performance. These assessments are built upon brief, valid, and reliable skill measures. The Summit School’s Director of Program Supports and Nationally Certified School Psychologist/Psychology Associate, Dr. Leslie Eget oversees testing and is a valuable resource for parents when evaluating test results and considering next steps.

Parents who have used Benchmark data found it to be essential for getting their child the help they needed in their school setting. “This past year I used this to support my requests for increased intensity of interventions and specific types of interventions to be included in her IEP and special education program. I also used this data to help us target specific skills to focus on in our tutoring,” one parent reported. Teachers who receive this data use it to inform their academic programming for students.

If you are interested in knowing more about Benchmark Testing, please contact the Summit Resource Center Coordinator, Tyisha Peoples at  or 410-798-0005.