Is Summit Right For My Child?

The Summit School was founded to serve children, grades 1-8, with dyslexia and other learning differences. Summit makes sense for students who:

  • demonstrate weaknesses in language processing, working memory, comprehension or organization
  • are bright and want to learn, but are falling behind
  • are encountering difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math, organization or self-management
  • thrive when teachers listen and adapt to individual needs
  • are most successful when learning is active and expectations reflect their learning profile.

The Summit School has an incredible record of helping children become successful learners and is open for in-person, on-campus learning 5 days a week. The Summit School teaches the way your child needs to learn, tracking progress and communicating growth. No more surprises at the end of a marking period.

For more information or to visit the school contact Mrs. Nancy Rhodes, Director of Admissions, at or call 410-798-0005.