Open House – June 27

Education as we know it, is changing. During this historic time, we find ourselves functioning not only as parents, sibling conflict mediators, chief activity coordinators, screen-time moderators, but also as work-from-home-employees and teachers or teaching assistants. The juggling and navigating required to do all these jobs is stressful and often frustrating. Parents are gaining new insights into how their children learn.  If parents had any inkling that their child struggled in school, and if there were questions about how a child managed grade level expectations, parents have now had a front row seat to their child’s approach to schoolwork. They’ve seen their child’s difficulties first hand.  As a result, parents have questions about their child’s academic growth and the continuity of learning delivered by their schools.
As the school year concluded did you notice your child:
  • having trouble understanding concepts or not showing progress on material reviewed several times
  • struggling to read fluently and comprehend material as compared to other children in the class
  • having difficulty planning their day, locating the necessary items to do work and/or not turning in assignments
  • experiencing different or more negative emotions surrounding schoolwork?
JOIN US – from the comfort of your home.
  • Discover how Summit students continued to learn in our Remote Learning environment while remaining engaged and connected to their school community.
  • Learn more about testing, tutoring, and other resources in support of your child and their unique learning profile.
  • Explore summer learning opportunities.
  • Meet our Executive Director and other faculty and staff members.
  • Hear from current parents.
  • Take a virtual tour of our campus.
We hope to offer you support, suggestions, and options as we, parents and educators, navigate this time in children’s academic endeavors. Staying safe is paramount, but learning is essential.  Come visit with us – let’s talk.
Please RSVP for the Open House. Prior to June 27, 2020, you will receive access information enabling you to join the presentation.