The Summit School Campus is Closed Through the End of the School Year – Summit Students Learn Through Remote Learning & The Summit School and Resource Center Welcome Inquiries

The Summit School Campus is Closed Through the End of the School Year.

REMOTE LEARNING: The faculty and staff at The Summit School have worked diligently to plan for, and deliver, an engaging remote learning experience. We chose an approach that enables us to provide instruction in a variety of ways and are working closely with our families to ensure a positive remote learning experience.

THE SUMMIT SCHOOL REMOTE LEARNING WEBSITE: We have launched a website that can be a “go to” resource for remote learning, a resource for teachers, parents and students to share ideas.  If there’s information you’re seeking and can’t find it on The Summit School Remote Learning Website – Summit Students Learn please contact us at and we will get information posted as soon as possible.

SUMMIT REMAINS A RESOURCE: While our campus is temporarily closed, The Summit School and Summit Resource Center are still operating. We remain available and ready to respond to your needs and, as always, your inquiries are welcome. We hope the following contact information is helpful:

  • Director of Admissions – Mrs. Kathleen Heefner at
  • Summit Resource Center Outreach Coordinator / Testing, Tutoring and Summer Camp – Mrs. Nancy Rhodes at
  • Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Polly Aquilino at Polly.Aquilino@thesummitschool.org

For time-sensitive items that need immediate attention, please email us at  This email is monitored by a team and will be quickly addressed.

Please stay healthy and safe.