Getting Ready for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fri. 11/04/2016

Parent conferences should not be stressful or confrontational.  Parents are important members of their child’s education team. Even without a degree in education, remember, you are THE expert(s) on your child. Approaching conferences with a teamwork attitude will keep the child’s best interests at the forefront.

Talk to your child’s teachers about what you are seeing at home.  Tell them what you think is going well and tell them your concerns.  For areas of concern, ask what you can do at home and how you can support their work in the classroom.  Teachers appreciate when parents reinforce and support their teaching strategies.  Also, ask about any extra help they can offer in school to support your child’s areas of weakness.

At The Summit School, we look forward to parent conferences as a time to celebrate student achievements and to collaborate with parents on areas of weakness.  Parent input and involvement is an important factor for student success.  We find that our students thrive when teachers listen and adapt to individual needs.  For more information on how The Summit School serves bright students with dyslexia and other learning differences, click here.

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