Habits for Success – Ask Questions!

Wed. 08/31/2016

Ask questions!  Sometimes knowing what you don’t know, is as important as knowing what you do know.  If your child doesn’t understand something in class, let them know it is best to ask their teacher for help right away.  Asking questions will help the teacher know that your child is not fully grasping the lesson.  Promptly asking for help is the best strategy for not falling behind.

Often, children are afraid to raise their hand and ask a question in class because they don’t want anyone to know they don’t understand.  Tell your child that they are probably not the only one who has a question and other students will be glad that they asked for further explanation.

At The Summit School, our students are encouraged to ask a lot of questions.  Learning is a group activity and everyone learns from each other’s questions.  If a concept is not well understood, the teacher does not move on.  Our teachers use our students’ progress and feedback to plan their lessons for the next day.  So, knowing what students don’t know is very important!  Further, if students are not able to complete their homework independently (that’s right – no intervening parents!) they are instructed to “call a friend” or “call their teacher” to ask for help.  A teacher can best teach their students if they are in tune with what they know and understand.

For more information on how The Summit School serves bright students with dyslexia and other learning differences, click here.

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