who we teach

Our students are bright children whose dyslexia or other learning differences (sometimes called learning disabilities) present challenges that have previously prevented them from finding success in other school placements. Student profiles might include dyslexia, processing difficulties, memory challenges, weak language abilities, as well as attention and executive function concerns. Our program is designed with the intention that our students can ultimately attend a mainstream school.

Our program is not designed to serve students with a primary diagnosis of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, a behavior disorder, a severe communication disorder, Asperger’s, Autism; or for children who fall below the average range on measures of cognitive ability.

how we teach

The Summit School employs multi-sensory teaching approaches, utilizing auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic modalities. Teachers also use discovery and project-based techniques and learning approaches to ensure student engagement. Our team of teachers uses proven approaches, strategies and materials to collaboratively monitor each student’s progress, making adjustments that target individual learning needs as they present themselves. When creating lessons and homework assignments, care is taken to consider individual student profiles.

what we teach

The curriculum taught at the Summit School is aligned with the Maryland State Department’s mandates and closely resembles content taught in other public and mainstream schools with a few important differences. When a student comes to us, we meet them where they are and bring them up to where they need to be. Students receive individualized instruction in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Instruction is not only rigorous, it is relevant.  Students learn and apply concepts as they relate to real world issues. Summit’s program is a well-rounded program, offering students classes in performing and visual arts, outdoor education, and physical education.


We truly believe in developing the whole child, and we offer a variety of activities to nurture students socially, athletically and intellectually. From sports to student government, there’s something for every student to get involved in. A few of our extra-curricular programs include:


    • Archery
    • Soccer
    • Cross Country
    • Basketball
    • Tennis
    • Lacrosse



    • Music Lessons
    • Outdoor Design and Engineering
    • SGA – Student Government Association
    • Dance
    • Storycraft
    • Photography
    • Spanish Language and Culture
    • NXT-G Robotics Programming


community service

    • Bake Sales
    • Coat Drives
    • Food Drives
    • Give a Hoot!
    • Hoofprints for Reading—Heifer International


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Life After Summit

We are committed to every student’s success – even after they leave our campus. We put a careful guidance program into place for every student at the end of his or her seventh-grade year (and before if students leave earlier). We also have a strong alumni network of successful students and working professionals.

To schedule a personal tour, please contact our admissions director at kathy.heefner@thesummitschool.org.


aaron s.


“Summit gave me the tools needed to learn and succeed academically. Maybe even more important though was how it helped me become a confident individual who understood my strengths and weaknesses associated with Dyslexia and how to excel at my strengths while overcoming my weaknesses.”