Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

Tue. 08/09/2016

Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

Organization is key! Being organized helps children start the school year on the right note.  An easy system, such as a trapper/binder, for organizing assignments and papers helps students not only physically organize but mentally organize.  Implementing this system from the very beginning of the school year will help your child with all the new information and papers they will be receiving during their first week back to school.

A simple color-coded organization system with folders for each subject and agenda pages will go a long way in aiding with assignments, homework, and paper filing.  Particularly for children who have organization, executive function and/or working memory challenges, parents and teachers find that this system is tremendous in aiding students to become more independent. Even very young students can follow a color-coded system and feel proud that they have to rely less on their parents and teachers.

At The Summit School, all of our students use the same color-coded “trapper” system so that everyone knows which folder to use for each subject and purpose.  In addition, students use agenda pages and planners to organize assignments.  Our older students also learn to organize their assignments electronically on their iPads and laptops.  Parents and students, alike, find our tried and true “trapper” system to be a reliable method for staying organized.  Many of our parents implement the same system for their children at other schools.  Some of our some alumni students even continue this system when they go on to high school and college.  They say, “If it works, don’t fix it!”

A little organization can go a long way for success!  Best wishes for a successful new school year.

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